Why Should I Detoxify?

Why Should I Detoxify?
Detoxification, “Detox” for short, is a vital step in any wellness program. When hearing the word detox, many people confuse this with drug or alcohol withdrawal. The word detoxify means to remove toxic substances. Toxins are all around us. They are found in our food sources, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the products we apply to skin, and even in our relationships. Taking an intentional break from all these toxins; removing them from our bodies and life is the kind of “detox” I am speaking of.
Our liver, kidneys, and skin are organs that assist us in detoxifying substances. Sweating it out in a steam room or infrared sauna has been a well-known method of detoxifying the body, especially heavy metals. Colon cleanses or colonics assist the liver in removing toxins through the colon quicker than normal bowel habits. Drinking lots of purified water helps to flush the kidneys of toxins that might build up over time. When we don’t drink enough water for our bodies to cleanse itself, (which in most cases is half our body weight in ounces per day) we become dehydrated or dried out, which can lead to constipation, creating difficulty for the liver to flush out toxins into the colon. A backing up of the system occurs and the body systems slow down causing fatigue, weight gain, bloating, skin eruptions, and pain.
Toxins are stored in our fat cells. More toxins equal more fat cells. Just as a pool filter stays clean by going through a cycle of “backwashing”, our bodies need to purposefully cleanse if we plan to keep the channels of elimination wide open and flowing without obstruction. A 30-day intentional break away from what we normally eat, drink, watch or read can make a world of difference in our self-cleansing routines. Once toxins are removed, fat can burn more easily. If stubborn fat refuses to burn no matter what you have tried to make it happen, consider a comprehensive detox kit for two to six weeks to rid the body of the toxins from the fat cells, thus allowing them to easily burn without poisoning your system in the process.
Body fat will not burn if its’ purpose is to “wall off” toxins to protect the rest of you from becoming toxic. Ways in which we can begin the detox process are to engage in a formal exercise program, adopt a different eating plan, increase water intake, drink green vegetable smoothies, use only organic beauty/hygiene products, spending time inside of our infrared sauna, infusing our NEW IV (intravenous) Chelation Drip therapy, and avoid toxic relationships. Additionally, purchasing a detox kit and following the protocols every six months or annually will assist the body in binding toxins that are stored in our fat cells and flush them from our system.
My favorite detox kit happens to be the Comprehensive Omnicleanse Detoxification Kit by DesBio. This kit includes a tray of homeopathic remedies that are targeted to each individual body part and is simple to follow. The protocol can be followed for 6-8 consecutive weeks, or two weeks on, two weeks off, for three cycles. Of course, be sure to take a DAILY probiotic to keep your system growing the very best bacteria so nothing grows in the colon that should not be there. How will you begin your detox program? The holidays are behind us! Hopefully, you enjoyed your friends and families and indulges in all the traditional home-baked goodies and treats you remember from your childhood. But now it’s time to get back on the wagon again.
Begin by taking one small step at a time and gradually adopt back a healthier lifestyle so you can rock 2020 in the very best health you have ever had. Book Sauna sessions, sign up for a program of IV Nutritional Therapy, purchase your detox kit in our office.
Whatever you do, remember that Living, Loving and Laughing is the best medicine for every day of the year. Contact me, Joanne M. Keller, APRN Health & Wellness Practice. Your Health is Our Business!