Feeling toxic? Trouble losing weight?

Your body systems may be backed up and not able to flush toxins properly.

Detoxification is an important first step to any wellness program. Avoiding certain foods and substances can begin the process of detoxification but to truly open the channels of communication within the body, a comprehensive approach must be taken.

The body detoxifies through the colon and the skin. Sweating and eliminating waste through our colon both assist the body in ridding heavy metals and toxic elements.

The body produces fat stores to wall off toxins. Our bodies cannot burn fat in areas where toxins are stored. Once the toxins are released, fat can readily burn.

Infrared sauna, detoxification kits, colon hydrotherapy are all ways in which we can detoxify.

Infrared Sauna Package
3 thirty-minute sessions $100

Omnicleanse Comprehensive Detoxification Kit

6-week treatment

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