How can I work with Joanne M. Keller, APRN If I don’t live in the Lake County Florida area or are not able to come to her office for appointments during office hours?



If you don’t live in or near the Lake County, Florida office, can’t meet during working hours, or you aren’t able to travel to the office for your visits, don’t despair. Telemedicine is the answer. Your visits can now be conducted via telephone consultation for both new and existing visits.

Call us today to set up your first Telemedicine appointment. Early morning and late afternoon/ early evening appointments are available.

Telemedicine Appointments

Our office will continue to serve those who wish a face to face visit and some in office procedures include:

  • Physical Examinations
  • Pap Smears
  • Thermograms
  • Pellet Procedures

However, the Telemedicine option allows for a greater number of people to benefit from functional medicine and all it offers regardless of geographic location or scheduling limitations.