Patient Education

For the improved health of our patients, we provide this page of educational audio and video files made by Joanne Keller.

Audio Files

Juice Plus+ & Hormones
(4.6 MB mp3 file)

Juice Plus+ & Hormones – The Vital Role Nutrition Plays in Hormonal Balance for Men and Women
(4.9 MB mp3 file)

Podcast of Interview with Joanne M. Keller, APRN : Are your hormones the reason you are not seeing results? Things you didn’t know about testosterone, and more! : Courtesy of Vive Nutrition Radio


Educational Videos

Detoxification as First Step in Wellness Program

Breast & Full Body Thermography

Comprehensive Customized Bloodwork Panel

Women & Hormones



Sea Salt




Safe Hormone Replacement


Preventing Breast Cancer Through Nutrition


Breast Cancer Detection